Recent Updates

Caisson | Update 1.1.1

This is the Bill Burden Edition!!

  • Added a whole new Page Type called Stamps
    • This was used as a demo on how to add a new Page Type to the Caisson project file
    • For a demo on this, please view it here:
  • Made the log out button on the admin page redirect to the main home page
  • Fix the messages error in the admin section
    • This particular setup uses the TCMS DataStore stack to send messages when you tap the Messages button in the navigation
    • The Messages section in the Admin Portal will now show a message I sent using this feature
  • Fixed the Phone link
    • I accidentally copied and pasted the phone number from the settings into the phone link macro
    • To fix this, if you've already done some work on this section, navigate to the Navigation partial and find the phone number.
    • In the macro, which should look like this: settings_contactphone
      • Make it settings_contactphonelink
  • Updated the Header Underscore hover effect in the Admin Blog List page
    • This has been using the Swatches Pack Underscore swatch and now works without the Pack (I highly recommend the Swatch Pack, though)

Caisson | Update 1.1.0

  • Updated the Events Blog Form and Events View page
  • Updated the way the image looks in the Blog Lists
  • Updated the Footer contact info to use the new F6 Mailto and Telephone buttons
  • Updated the Main Nav to use the new F6 Telephone button
  • Added descriptions under Admin Page Settings (per page)
  • Changed Admin Blog Lists to show All Posts
  • Updated the layouts for the Events, Locations, and Staff Blog Lists pages
  • Updated the layout of the Settings Contact Info on the Settings page.
  • Updated the Messaging Info section on the Settings page
  • Fixed the Privacy Link Title not displaying correctly in the Footer
  • Tightened up the Admin Portal in general
  • Other general bug fixes

Caisson | Update 1.0.5

  • Fixed the padding and height for the footer
  • Fixed the position of the credits in the footer for Small vs. Med/Lrg
  • Fixed the Banner BG on small
  • Fixed the toggle for Contact page vs. footer in Bedrock
  • Added a Toggle for the Hours in the Footer

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